Frequently asked questions

What is the GLITCH ERC-20 contract address?

Decimals: 18

What is the GLITCH BEP-20 contract address?

Decimals: 18

On which exchanges can you purchase $GLCH?

Kucoin, Uniswap, 1inch, Indodax, Hoo, and Probit.
More exchanges are on its way.

Why was Glitch chosen as the name of the project?

Because we are the Glitch in the global financial system,
the crack in the armor of central bank monopolies.

What languages can you use to build on GLITCH?

C++, Solidity, Java, JavaScript, GoLang.

Is the codebase a fork of another blockchain?

No, GLITCH is an entirely new codebase. It uses concepts
from similar solutions to provide superior composability
and processing capability.

How is Glitch different from a Layer 2 project on Ethereum?

We are a layer one blockchain, not a layer two. We are
building the underlying main blockchain infrastructure
for decentralized finance, with a unique
revenue-sharing model.

Will the Glitch Decentralized Exchange (GEX) be available when the mainnet launches?

The GEX will be launched shortly after the mainnet
goes live.

Do you plan to implement some mechanism to increase the scarcity of $GLCH?

No. The $GLCH token is fixed supply fully minted as it
is right now, so the availability is a function of supply vs. demand.

How many team members does Glitch Finance have?

Glitch Finance is a rapidly growing team with 15+ core
members distributed around the globe..

Besides revenue share, will there be an incentive that will make developers want to build on GLITCH?

Yes. The Glitch Grant Program will incentivize developers
beyond our revenue sharing model. Learn more here.

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