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GLITCH is a secure and fast blockchain purpose-built to facilitate powerful money market dApps for the financial industry such as decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, automated market makers, and NFT marketplaces. Created with developers in mind, Glitch is built to be both highly scalable and decentralized while maintaining a strong focus on security.

Start building in minutes and take advantage of cutting-edge tools to create the next big thing in blockchain technology.

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Why Build On GLITCH?

Create Powerful Money Market DApps with Unmatched Flexibility

GLITCH supports programming languages that compile to WebAssembly (WASM) such as C++, Rust, Solidity, Java, GoLang, and JavaScript.

Harnessing the Power of Customizability

GLITCH utilizes Substrate’s modular framework to provide unique features such as revenue sharing, forkless upgrades, and enhanced security and flexibility, resulting in increased customizability, faster finality times, and competitive advantages over existing networks.

Easy Integration Means No Excuses

GLITCH is EVM compatible, meaning that Ethereum developers can easily transition to building, leveraging their existing knowledge of the Ethereum ecosystem to create powerful dApps on GLITCH with innovative features.

Unleashing the Power of Revenue Sharing

A new groundbreaking reward mechanism at the heart of GLITCH’s ecosystem incentivizes the creation of innovative dApps that drive adoption by ensuring low network fees and sustainable rewards for developers, liquidity providers, and users.

Low Costs Stimulate Growth

Say goodbye to high transaction costs. When fees are kept low, more users and developers join the network, creating a positive feedback loop of continuous growth.

Build Your Vision With Glitch Grants

Turn your dApp idea into reality with Glitch Grants, our funding program designed to fuel the creation of groundbreaking dApps by providing developers with the necessary resources, including milestone-based funding, mentorship, and a network of industry experts to bring your ideas to life.


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