What is Glitch?

GLITCH is a blockchain-based operating system purpose-built for money market decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized financial activity.

In contrast to existing blockchain ecosystems, GLITCH is not intended to be a jack-of-all-applications. Rather, its underlying structure and customizations are focused exclusively on decentralized finance applications.

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GLITCH Features

High Transaction Speeds

Through the use of a proof of stake consensus the GLITCH blockchain is able to achieve a minimum speed of 3,000 TPS

Low Transaction Fees

Ground breaking reward structure that incentivizes community support through a Revenue Sharing protocol which in turn ensures low network/gas fees for users

Revenue Sharing

Through a modified DPOS consensus that has a voting system to provide better decentralised control of the network and incentivise the network through Revenue Sharing

What is GEX?

The Glitch Decentralised Exchange is the GLITCH blockchains answer to the DEX in collaboration with Orion we have a product with an unbeatable fee structure and the capability to handle whale size trades

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Our flagship dApp is the much anticipated GEX!
Check out this concept video to get a teaser of whats to come!

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Project Release

April 2021

Prelim Ui – Blockchain explorer

Whitepaper v2

Architectural Refinements

Transaction Format &
Encoding Dev

Lending Platform Dev

Explorer MVP

Token & Fee architecture
& development

Testnet Faucet

Command Line Interface

Developer Docs

Testnet Launch

Glitch Blockchain UI

Governance model

Delegation & Staking

Validator Architecture

Mainnet Launch

Staking Interface

Browser Wallet

Smart Contract mechanism

Virtual Machine

Wasm Support

dApp Builder


Token Generation

Dev Tools

Gex & other dApp Launches

Ethereum Bridge

Polkadot Bridge

Binance Bridge

IPFS & Oracle Integration support